W We are so aCCUSFQTWEUP theroojnforts of "I cannot", " do not wanttoi’ and "it is too oiiffiouit" that we forget . to realize when we stop doing things for ourselves ;_ "- and expect others to dancearound us,we are not . chieving greatness Wehaye made ourselves weak. __‘:r ,. https://offbeatquotes.com

W We Are So ACCUSFQTWEUP Theroojnforts Of "I Cannot", " Do Not Wanttoi’ And "it Is Too Oiiffiouit" That We Forget . To Realize When We Stop Doing Things For Ourselves ;_ "- And Expect Others To Dancearound Us,we Are Not . Chieving Greatness Wehaye Made Ourselves Weak. __‘:r ,.